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n. a definition where one describes something using the same word, but in a different context.

From the popular meme "Sage Advice Ben"
Some examples:
"Brilliance is a sign of brilliance"
"Butt-sex is the butt-sex of sex"

A conversation:

Jim: Dude, don't cry!
Dave: I know, I look weak.
Jim: And as we know, weakness is a sign of weakness.
Dave: Such a Benism. *sob*
by epausti March 15, 2013
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A very stupid act, one lacking in intelligence
Look at that for a Benism!! He just bit his own hand off
by FatKez January 25, 2005
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To splurt out without thinking or knowing about "Facts" without actually checking that they are correct, whilst being an otherwise intelligent person.
A benism could be:- The USS Nimitz has a one mile long deck...
They did not make colour films in the 50's....
by Christos360 April 07, 2009
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