1. An expression of approval or good wishes.

2. A prayer asking for God's blessing, usually at the end of a Christian service.

3. In Christianity, the state of being blessed.

Holy people are supposed to be benediction people.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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The utterance of a blessing, especially at the end of a religious service.
(In the Roman Catholic Church) a service in which the congregation is blessed with the sacrament.
August alsina wrote a song called benediction to show how god blessed him!
by Rhol Dahl December 1, 2016
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The act of blessing others with good fortune, usually by prayer or well wishing.
The priest closed the service with a parting prayer of benediction.
by on September 23, 2019
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Benedict. A quite guy, but opens up the closer you are to him. Low key the smartest guy you'll know and the greatest friend you'll ever have.And you'll only appreciate him most when you seek his advice or ask him for help.
Random Person: "You are Benedict, right? "
Benedict: "..."
by LowKey Dictionary May 18, 2018
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A great person who is smart , intelligent , funny, pretty has a lot of talents , and just an all-round lovely person! (Probably has haters)
by msknowitalll1 September 26, 2010
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