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The person in a group that works out who benches the lightest weight out of the entire group. Is assigned with cleaning up the workout area after the workout is over, also has to put weights on the bars. Hench "bitch" A new Bench Bitch is assigned every week after every person lifts their max. The person with the lowest max is the new Bench Bitch.

Other names for Bench Bitch:

Bar Sucker
Weight wash-out
Tony: Alright guys it's Monday you know what that means.

Everyone: groans
Tony: Suck it up pussies, Carl your up. . . . 15 minutes later
Tony: ok guys Max is officially the new Bench Bitch for this week.
Max: Shit
Carl: Go get me a fucking Gatorade
by DaWizard April 15, 2013
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