A last name believed to be of Greek origin. To be associated with people who are very masculine, attractive, sexy, and with overall beauty. People of the surname Benas also excell academically. They come with the ability to satisfy any women the come across.
That Benas is so sexy i would do him right here.
by Benas April 28, 2009
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absolute top G . No one can compare with his might.He has the body of a greek god and gets all the bitches.
by jessiejoestar August 14, 2022
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• Make something more extravagant
A gay basketball player
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Benas means u smell like bananas and cow poo.
“Oh did u see that girl who smelt like benas”.
Ohh yeah I was almost sick”.
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(NOUN) An cute Asian girl that looks much younger then she truly is. Usually quiet/shy. Laughs at any joke and uses her misleading looks as a tool of seduction
Guy 1: "Damn when did middle school girls start getting tongue rings and hanging out with college guys? ... shes been flirting with me all night."
Guy 2: "Bro thats a bena, shes older then you, she just looks mad young."
Guy 1: "Oh word? In that case.. she could get it."
by LatinoHeatFJ April 22, 2009
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Someone that is so unbelievably attractive, smart, funny. A 10/10.
Wow that girl is such a bena 😍
by Bigbootyhoe616 February 27, 2021
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A nice girl who is obsessed with a particular sport. She is blondyish and she often has a bad fortune with boys. She is natural and is a tom boy. #WHITEGIRL She often gets called "nae" or "nay".
"I want to go to starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte with benae"
by Ramond October 23, 2014
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