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The effects arising from taking Benadryl in the morning and then being completely f*cked up for the rest of the day. Also possible with NyQuil, Valium, Lunesta, and many other prescription and OTC products.
I'm so benadrunk today, I fell asleep during the fire drill 5th period.
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When you manage to not fall asleep after taking a large amount of Benadryl (a “recreational” dose). You will feel very heavy, as if you weighed like 3 tons. Walking will be near impossible and you’ll look like a crazed drunk to anyone who sees you. Realistic hallucinations (not enjoyable by any means), paranoia, and nonexistent conversations with people who aren’t really there is all very common as well.
Aw I feel like shit, I’ll never get Benadrunk again, worst experience ever.
by gallopBoss June 10, 2018
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