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Oh belijah not Elijah but belijah.Belijah is short but everyone knows he is packing down there.
Andrew: you know belijah

Jordan: the short kid you is packing

Andrew: Yeah
by MONEYISPOWER May 28, 2019
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Definitely not Elijah. He possibly has mild retardation, this is considered to be Elijah's "final form". In this form, Belijah is the sort of person who will get moved down from extension because he couldn't quite grasp the curriculum. If Belijah is angry, just bring him his leg cream and one of his friends: "Binley, Barvey or Barry". He's a bit slow, but we love the crease. Hearts go out to you Belijah.
"Oi, Belijah you're getting leg cream all over the desk. Just stop man, no one wants to see that. Oh shit now Paul's pissing himself. See what you've done Belijah? Just fuck off already.
by Xx-Mike_Wazowski-xX March 11, 2018
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