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1. The state of freaking out, looking down, st-st-studdering when asked what you’re thinking about, and feeling like you can't breathe.

This state is caused by hanging out with a person you dig. If you're asked what’s wrong with you, your best friend will inform the person that you’re just "being Miley.” But, for sure, the next time you hang out with that person you will redeem yourself.

2. Reference to a lyric from a song by Miley Cyrus.
Hottie: What's wrong with your friend?

Best Friend: Huh? Oh, him? Yeah, he's just being Miley.
by BigBaby G April 14, 2008
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1. Being yourself, showing skin.

2. Acting like a crazy bitch.
1. Girl 1: Look! Brittany got a new look!
Girl 2: She's just being Miley.
2. Girl 1: What's Jess doing? Is she TWERKING?
Girl 2: Well, she's just being Miley.
by stedwardsgirlyarkansas April 27, 2015
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