Something that's neither good nor bad but makes you pause for a minute when you notice it and then you just continue on. something odd
my boyfriend’s beige flag is that whenever we walk into a store he will ask very loudly if they sell whatever items the store is made for.
by ilovebarbieferriera May 22, 2023
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Something that people say is benign but is really an annoying trait or habit.
My boyfriend's beige flag is that he responds everytime to "how's it going" with "it's going" or "it's going good now" if it's after work.
by Spratticus June 13, 2023
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Beige flags are a sign that someone is boring or lacks originality.

Beige flags are often generic or very cliche things that many people put in their profiles. Examples are:

- Pictures holding fish
- Statements about tacos
- mentioning the relationships of TV characters
- Offering the choice to ride or die

- Not writing anything in the profile section
Her profile said "I love to laugh." Who doesn't like to laugh? How boring are you if that's all you can think of to tell people? That is the biggest beige flag of all
by Wordiculous September 2, 2022
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A beige flag is not a red flag or a green flag neither but it's something that makes your partner annoying.
A: My boyfriend always forgets where is phone is.
B: that's such a beige flag.
by Tratraffy May 18, 2023
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a beige flag is neither a red flag nor a green flag, but also both simultaneously. red + green = brown, but since these aren't exactly red nor green, add a little blankness (white), and you get beige! :)
Her beige flags consist of not reading, procrastinating, and overusing emojis.

q: what is a beige flag?
a: red flag, green flag, and neither
by sammiedoublewhammie September 19, 2023
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