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1.When Fangirls/Fanboys are screaming their heads off for Justin Beiber. (Usually girls)

2.Obsessively, talking, texting, chating, or communication of any kind about Justin Beiber.

3.Putting posters of Justin Beiber all over your room and pretending to talk to him.

4. Building a shrine for Justin Beiber.

5. Wanting to kill the Girl who kissed Justin Beiber in his music video Baby.
Girl One: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Girl Two: What?
Girl One: Justin Beiber is going to be performing in our town!
Girl Two: I think you should go to the nurse your definitely suffering from Beiber Fever.
by sakuraninja March 30, 2010
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"Beiber Fever" is your body's natural reaction to hearing and/or seeing anything remotely related to Justin Beiber (songs, posters, etc.). If you have a strong immune system you will only develop Beiber fever instead of getting sick in other, more fatal ways. Symptoms of Beiber Fever include coughing, unbearable gas, diarrhea, projectile vomiting, and severe depression. To cure Beiber Fever, simply expose yourself either to something that a heterosexual male would enjoy or some real music. Remedies take 1-2 minutes to take full effect.
Justin Beiber's songs have hit record sales, and with it a Beiber Fever epidemic is circling the globe. So far, about 2,300 have died world wide from listening to Beiber's over-rated, sub-par "music" and over 90,000 have been hospitalized.....
by Ov3r 9O0O January 04, 2011
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A fatal disease similar to schizophrenia.
victims are usually immature 6 to 16 year old girls
symptoms are including but not limited to:
1.singing every song Justin Beiber has ever made
2.making a shrine for him and start making out with it
3.hating all other girls that think they're his self assigned "number one fan"
4.being incredibly stupid and not focusing on anything else besides how his hair looks
5.buying a ton of posters and merchandise and kissing it before going to sleep
6.trying to figure out his phone number to call him every day in an attempt to find out where he lives, kidnap him, and keep him in your own sick twisted little petting zoo where you keep the Jonas brothers and any other singer that is a guy

Scientists are currently trying to find a cure yet have made no progress so far.
creeped out guy:oh my god you have beiber fever SOMEONE CALL 911!
by mynameisWHAAT? April 26, 2011
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A fatal disease that conquers your mind with Justin Beiber stuff (Ex: his dumb@ss songs); diagnosis requires instant hospitalization to get that bullsh!t out of your brain via brain surgery.
Teenage Guy: Hey, what's up, girl?

Teenage Girl: You know you love me, you know you care...

Teenage Guy: Are you okay?!

Teenage Girl: BABY BABY BABY OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE BABY BABY BABY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *continues singing and starts dancing*

Teenage Guy: Holy shit! Someone call 911!!! SOMEONE HELP MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE HAS BEIBER FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by UrbanPreTeen February 08, 2011
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