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A character on the popular FOX show "24". He is the child of Dina and Navi Araz. They are all part of a network of terrorist cells run by the terrorist Habib Marwan. Unfortunately for him, he had a really bad when he got slapped by his father, was forced to kill his girlfriend (but his mother did it for him anyway), beat a guy (who was going to kill him) to death with a shovel, watched his mother got shot in the arm by his father, held up at gunpoint by his father, watched his uncle die, shot his father after he was taken into custody, was held in CTU for a few hours, didn't realize his mother was killed by Marwan, got some motion trackers shot into his head, then got traded in exchange for Jack Bauer, who was being held by Marwan. He is currently riding around LA somewhere in a van, probably stewing at Jack Bauer, who refused to tell him his mother had died.

His name also makes for a good drinking game. Every time you hear someone say, "BEHROOOOOZZ", take a drink of vodka and see how drunk you can get before the episode is over.
"Who sent you to kill me? Who?"
"Your father."
(Behrooz beats hitman to death with shovel)
by crazyrabbits May 05, 2005
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