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Behnam is ancient & famous persian name.

He is a kind man and very romantic. He is also clever. He likes to sex only with his love. He is a real gentleman and girls love him.
Behnam is a real jentleman
by Jack dic August 16, 2018
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Behnam (Persian: بهنام ) is an Iranian / Persian masculine given name or family name, which translates as "distinguished, honorable, reputable, or acclaimed".
The name is composed of two parts: beh (به, meaning "good" or "best") and nâm (نام, meaning "name or reputation")
Behnam is my best friend at school. He is Persian.
by Samiraa September 05, 2016
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A man who is named Behnam is know to have superior skills in masturbation ranging from speed faps of 1 second, or taking it easy at a maximum of 4hours.
by StanTheMan June 05, 2014
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