1. To conduct oneself in a specified way, usually meant in a sarcastic fashion.
Brynn says she's been behaving lately...pssht, I know I have!!
by june harber April 28, 2008
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Behaviour relating specifically to physical (usually distasteful) actions.
Ex1) Speaking about ass licking is not a behavement; while the actual licking of an anus is.

Ex2) "Any homosexual behavement is banned". Homosexuals are allowed to freely speak and talk about what they do. But the actual behavement is banned.
by presChag20016N2 July 9, 2011
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Shaquilla : gurl i'ma whip that ass

Shanika : Gurl behave
by Chris Lazard November 22, 2004
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"Netflix and chill" for Christians, or people that are religious
Do you want to bible and behave after church today?
by pepe the froggy October 30, 2015
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said of small children who are engaged in a non-dangerous activity and are not misbehaving morally or otherwise, but nonetheless an engaged in an activity that is considered silly by adults.
a boy comes home, takes his pet hamster out out of its cage, and brings him out into the backyard, and puts said hamster on the grass in the yard. the hampster starts running away.

The boy's mother starts yelling : Peter you silly behaving troglodithe, bring Jerkins ( the hamster) back in immediately. I need to feed him.

Peter: okay, hang on mom, let me go find Jerkins.
by Sexydimma May 28, 2012
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watch your behavior.
be careful what you do
Alex, you need to behave yourself at your aunt's party, or it would be the last time we go there
by Sina.sheikh May 21, 2011
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When someone tells you to be well behaved it means dont be fucking annoying. You can be anything you want just dont get on peoples nerves. If being yourself means you will be a cunt, dont come to the party.
Grace was drunk at the party but at least she was "well behaved"
by Amelieee August 9, 2017
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