The end result of substituting beer for milk in "Milk and Cheerios"
by iiiineroiiii August 01, 2008
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The combination of your preferred light beer, and Cheerios.

One of the ways to start your early mornings drinking for holidays such as St. Patrick's Day, or your birthday.
Dude, after tonight, we are waking up at six o'clock and starting to play pong and have some BEERIOS for breakfast.
by Dayton Flyer (937) March 17, 2010
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A word used to describe any form of alcoholic beverage. Beerios normally involve a sesh with the lads and can be consumed throughout the whole day.
Let's go get ourselves a beerio shall we ?
by FluffyUnicorn97 October 27, 2018
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A drinking game in which all the participants (2-4) must consume an entire beer within the duration of a single Mario Kart race. The twist is that you cannot drink while driving. The winner is the first person to finish the race as long as they have finished their beer. If you finish the race without having finished your beer, you get last place by default, as you are a rule-breaking pussy.
Eric: "Bro, last night my homeboy Rainbow Jeremy and I were playing some beerio kart. That shit's such a good pre-game."

Anthony: "Dude, Rainbow Jeremy is such a poon. He never finishes his beer before the race is over. Wanna get baked and listen to some Jack Johnson?"
by chet elderson February 18, 2009
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The day after drinking and you have the beer shits but your friends want breakfast. So you pour them a bowl of honey nut cheerios but instead of milk you shit in the bowl with your liquid beer shit.
Chad wanted breakfast after a long night of drinking. So me, being a good friend, gave him a nice bowl of Honey Butt Beerios.
by Chadass October 14, 2015
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