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The intestinal apocalypse that occurs approximately twelve hours after drinking a copious amount of beer. The image and sound of this event is typically considered similar to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Spill and Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, respectively.
Andrew won the Case Race last night, and now he's taking a beer dump I'm my bathroom - on the bright side, I probably have enough time to go stock up on bleach and paper towels!
by Chris (the sexy one) June 23, 2010
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When in the morning after a great drinking session you have to shit but you cant squeeze it out cause you feel like your gonna puke if you try to. At least thats what i think it is cause thats what happened to me this morning
Guy # 1: Whats taking so long in there man?

Guy # 2: Dude if i squeeze this dump out i'm gonna hurl!

Guy # 1: Too much beer bro, your having a beer dump

Guy # 2: uhhhh!!! *puke splash*

Guy # 1: . . . . damn
by jiujitsujack August 22, 2009
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