When someone has consumed an unhealthy amount of alcohol to work on their abnormaly large belly and turn it into a beer gut.
Jodie has been on the beers again, have you seen the size of her Beer Gut!!
by LilSdaD July 15, 2008
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An impressive monument to an individual's overcoming of shallow goals of physical beauty. It is a large round sign of self confidence and the ability to shotgun a 24oz without giving it a second thought. It is proudly worn by people who would rather party with their friends than spend all available time in the gym in order to look better than said friends.
(Lance) Hey Jim, nice beer gut, I see you traded in that 6 pack for a keg

(Jim) Oh yeah, well while you were at the gym until 2AM last night I ran into your girlfriend at a party and she rode my chubby ass raw
by Alfredofettuccini August 31, 2009
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Bo:look at that chick.

Bill:o you are talking about pony.

Bo:ya she's "rockin the beer gut".
by billy joe8990078 May 8, 2010
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Loud, obnoxious, idiotic sports fans who think they can do better than all the players and know more than the coaches. They always second guess coaching decisions and insist their decisions would have turned out better.
After grounding into a double play, that Joe Beer Gut in front of us wouldn't shut up about how Fielder should have bunted Braun to 2nd base.
by PackersSBChamps11 June 23, 2011
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An event that happened on 6th of January 2021, where supporters of President Donald Trump got very angry about losing the election and decided to storm the capitol building to pose for pictures. And maybe coup the government.
Y'all wanna have a Beer Gut Putch? Ain't ya angry about the election fraud? Don't ya just wanna run up to Congress to let everyone know how angry we are? You know I talked to my cousin Hayden in the DC police, the'll let us right in!
by David7 January 7, 2021
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