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"Beefin' it", also called "Beefin' the cheese" is slang for the passing of gas through the anus, also known as flatulence. Said to refer to both the "meat" and "cheese" odors that are common in white American flatulence. The origin of this usage is unknown.
Beefin' it

Definition: to fart, flatulence;

Tim ate some fast food and has been beefin it all day.

Man, it smells like Mary's been beefin' the cheese again!
by SenorDickbutt July 04, 2018
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Beefin it is when a tank ass (fat guy or girl)walks by and you hear there fat legs rubbing together.
Damn girl did you see that guy, he was totally beefin it...
by Cambria D.H. September 20, 2005
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