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The act of getting piled by lots of men and feeling the penis,sometimes because of crowdedness. Another name for this is sausage fest
I got beef-bombed by everyone at the Cavs game last night.
by Balahaara January 29, 2010
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An extolling nickname for Francine. Other nicknames include but are not limited to: F-bomb, Beef
Beef-Bomb is going to get crunked up tonight with us.
by M March 07, 2005
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A fab girl who cannot walk. You can hear her from down the hall and you know that she is coming to your room by the shuffling of her feet. She is also an alcoholic, so if you see her, do not give her more than 2 shots. She never goes to her own hall, but she always seems to be wreaking havoc in San Miguel. She also likes to steal other people's food and gum, so if you have food or gum, hide it when she comes over. She likes to dance with her hands and she loves lap dances. And she makes good rat faces. Also, she is the best person in the world!
by L-Teazy March 08, 2005
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