A suburban community/town with little to no major employment center(s) to call its own. People only seem to sleep there when they're not working 80 Hrs./wk closer in to the city where the jobs are. The only commercial space is retail & services for the residents (banks, groceries, malls, etc.) Residents often choose bedroom communities because of affordablility relative to living closer to the city, lower perceived crime, and schools with students that look just like their kids.
This commute's killin' me, but I can only afford a house in this bedroom community.
by Rex Cavendish November 2, 2005
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Where the white people go when they are running from the black people who just moved into their old neighborhood.
Public transportation will take the city's poor just about anywhere they want to go. Well, anywhere but a bedroom community.
by ColumbusBuck March 12, 2016
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"Hey have you heard of the song bedroom community by glass beach?"

"Yeah I have, its quite the song"
by joenuts#4 January 17, 2022
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