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A person who lays in bed and does nothing except maybe yelling at people to do things for them.
"Kyle is being a bed bitch right now for doing nothing while laughing at me for being productive."

"Don't be such a bed bitch, and get your own water."
by Mduncgrad August 20, 2014
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Similar to a "Booty Call", but not quite a "Friend With Benefits." A Bed Bitch is an acquaintance with whom your relationship's entire foundation revolves around a bed. You have sex, you cuddle, you watch movies, but you're never invited out on dates, to dinner, to meet their friends, etc. You exist as a living, breathing sex doll / stuffed animal to them. The exact terms of this "relationship" are usually not discussed, and they're skirted around if they come up.
"He's totally into me, I've been over to his place 5 nights this week."

"You're totally just his bed bitch.."
by Xtopgunx November 04, 2014
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