Becuz is a combined noun describing a person who is both your "best friend" and "cousin". Sometimes one acknowledges their friend as their cousin but leaves out best friend or acknowledges them only as their best friend leaving out the family portion. This solves the complicated introduction.
Jake: "Shayna who's that?"
Shayna: "That's my becuz, Amy."
Jake: "Huh?"
Shayna: "Becuz, she's my best friend and cousin. Nuf said."
by Becuzes A&S May 26, 2012
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The ultimate site for stoners to submit their "high" stories.
BIGH: I had this guy friend years ago who never bought his own weed. Yet, he was always there and ready to smoke mine. That got old -quick. So I bought a bong shaped like a big erect penis and I started saving money because he refused to hit it! I've still got that Bong, hits nice...becuz i got high
by Becuz I Got High February 24, 2010
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italian word for joint. it’s origin is the mispronunciation of “backwood”, the famous cigar brand that are widely used to roll joints.
did you smoke a becuz?
yeah, i’m stoned as fuck.
by peacemakerUD November 22, 2021
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