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BecomeONE by definition;

Walking in the acceptance, commitment, empowerment and advancement of one’s "Authentic" Self. To become purposefully hindered, from believing that which opposes the power of being WHOLE! To embody the realization, confidence, comfort, wellness and wealth of one’s "divine" call. One who in pursuit of purpose, invests in the worth of his or her hidden treasures. God's good and perfect will for your life in his plans to prosper you.

To acquire;

· autonomous motivation
· independent inspiration

· personal empowerment
· self-love, self-acceptance

To be or become alive, living happy, healthy, whole and complete. The absence of doubt, inaction and/or procrastination. The whole being or person, the opposite of a fraction.

a harmony success empowerment term or phrase of inspiration.

BecomeONE, experience your miraclesNOW, be made ONE
Walking in purpose on purpose with a plan! ONE!
BecomeONE fit sensation in mind body and spirit. BecomeONE in self before you run off as an engaged fraction, expecting a counterpart to make you whole. It is two that becomeONE not fractions pairing with hopes to solidify a balanced being
by Harmony Success March 04, 2012
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