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she's a roofie user. she renders people unconsious so she can score some. she lacks a chromosome and sleeps next to raccoon. this girl has rapies. beware. but, she's tyra banks in disguise. so be careful or she'll ruin your whole fucking career.
a: so i heard becky "tyra" okin was at that party last night.
b: oh yah, she was using roofies on that one chick !
a: oh really ?
b: yah, she's pressing charges on becky.
a: oh damn, not smart.

b: why ?
a: don't you know ?
b: about what ?
a: becky's really tyra banks.
b: ohhhh fuck. that chick's career is ruined.
a: yup. werd to yur mothahh.
by becky's number one fan. September 01, 2009
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