Pronounced like "Beebs"

1. Rebecka Anne; a person WAY cooler than your face and feet.

2. Optistmic and sunny, talks alot. Enjoys people.
"Hai Bebs, being sunny today?"
by Genevieve Marie December 21, 2008
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also known as THE BEBS (aka Bebo), a flambouyant homosexual, founder of Bebism; studied in Bebology"
Bebs is always outside Starbucks, readin his corny ass muthafuckin books sippin fuckin fruity lattes.
by HARD May 27, 2004
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"beb's" or "bebes" is the fandom of avani gregg fans, they are very nice, never stand out, never in dramas, love all other fandoms like: dunkins, sharks, bubbas, zoonuts, the sunraes ... in short they always try to keep the peace between all the fandoms and love each
i’m beb’s, i love avani ! <33
by ines.gregg January 24, 2021
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A word that can be used as positive feedback in a conversation or a word to express a positive emotion.
Person 1: I got something really cool for my birthday!
Person 2: Yes?
Person 1: I got rollerskates-
Person 2: Oh beb!
by ttishish December 22, 2020
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Pronouced as: Beh-bss

Another way to say babes
Add on the end of totes to create ultimate gay line

"totes bebs"
Person: hey, did you want to go out for drinks tonight?
Person 2: oh totes bebs!
by Pat-dogg October 20, 2007
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short for "babe" or "baby." can be used to refer to an actual baby, or as a pet name.
1. "I could never have a beb because I hate changing diapers."

2. "Joe! How are you, beb? Long time, no see!"
by leecon March 30, 2005
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