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A bebin is a lovely creature like person, harmless, loves food and sleeps too much. Bebin is rare and few acros the lands. Only a few bebin to ever exist. Everyone would admire the bebin and either swoon or scowl upon their charming characteristics.
"Oh that Kaylee is such a bebin"
"I wish I could be such a bebin"
"That bebi gone"
by Sagefayce February 20, 2017
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- Noun
1- Hairy pervert
2- This person likes to touch himself 24/7
3- Picks his nose and flicks his boogers on other people when they're not watching.
4- distributes inappropriate pictures to his friends
Gen- ohh i am so desperate to have sex
jeff- Go sleep with some bebin
by Hot stranger February 08, 2009
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