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Commonly performed by beginners while standing in a lift line. Beavertailing is the act of stomping one's snowboard on the ground, while standing still, so that the tail of the board slaps down hard on the snow and makes a loud banging sound. There is no known reasoning or gain in the act of beavertailing other then to attract attention and hurt the lifty's ears.
Lifty 1: Man, my ears hurt. So many noobs were beavertailing today.
Lifty 2: I know what you mean. Any clue why they do it?
Lifty 1: No man, no clue. Maybe it's a way the noobs communicate to show dominance over each other?
Lifty 2: Sounds about right. If not, it sure lets us know who's still new at this.
by IRIdESIdEWAyS December 28, 2011
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