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A Beaver Bash is the antonym of a Sausage Fest. It’s a party where the majority of the party goers are female and thus there are a lot of beavers.
Eddy – “Saturday my girlfriend is throwing a party with all her female friends.”
Tom – “Sweet! It’s a beaver bash!”
by T.A! May 17, 2006
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The act of having 2 strippers at a bachelor party straddle the grooms head and bash there beavers into his ears. The other party attendees drop $1 bills into the bash area and the strippers bash harder and harder. The grand finale is the anus bash, which ends the beaver bash.

This is not enjoyable for the bashy, but fun for the $1 bill droppers as they get to see beaver slammed violently against the grooms ears!
At C's bachelor pary C and R got beaver bashed. M and P watched in amazement and added the term "Beaver Bash" into there vocabulary.
by Matt July 22, 2005
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The act of punching someone unexpectedly in the vagina in a fit of rage. A term commonly used within female penitentiary.

vagina bash bashing vagina pussy
"Bitch, give me your canteen or I'll beaver bash your sorry ass!"
by SillyBitch23 December 17, 2011
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