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1. An umbrella term referencing all religious laws of an 'irrational' nature, most often found in the Abrahamic faiths and often in the older texts.

2. The correlation between support for hair-brained third-party candidates (i.e. Ron Paul, The Green Party, etc.) and the length and scope of one's facial hair.
Used in a sentence:


"Dude, that Deuteronomy shit is total Beard Magic."


"I was going to have sex with Becky but she's on the rag and that would violate the laws of beard magic."


"I swear, the only reason Jack is voting for Kinky Friedman is that kooky beard magic."

"Rob, you don't want to vote libertarian, you're just under the spell of your beard's magic (sic). Shave that shit off."
by agentlorneue September 27, 2009
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