When you suddenly find someone more attractive after growing a beard, or less attractive after shaving it.
by namepersonface August 10, 2014
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When a man seems really attractive, simply by virtue of having a beard. Usually this pertains to people who otherwise are nothing special to look at.
Dude, Derek Anderson is so not hot. Take off those beard goggles.
by Pogonophile November 30, 2010
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When you see a man with a beard, and you automatically think that person is awesome, funny, chill, or just an overall cool dude just because he has a beard.
- "Aww dude, look at that guy's beard! I bet that guy is awesome."

- "Na dude, that guys a convicted sex offender, you've got beard goggles on."
by jackapoe March 31, 2010
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When a beard-bearing individual is convinced that his facial hair looks great, regardless of how bad it may look to everyone else.

Similar to beer goggles in that the more facial hair a person has, the better they think it looks.
"Wow, have you seen Dave's beard? It looks terrible, I don't know why he won't shave that thing."

"It's because he has beard goggles right now, in his mind it looks great."
by TRON 2.1 December 7, 2009
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