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when a 6’2” rower mom-arms a coxswain that flies across the trunk of a car after an abrupt turn
Dude, after the incident he became my bear Mom.

Dude, I need a bear Mom.

How does one acquire a “bear Mom”?

Jimmy, a current bear Mom, has 3 apples; he then proceeds to eat 7. How many does he have left?

Dude, how much money would you pay me to fuck that bear Mom?

Fuck me harder bear Mom!

Bear moms are pretty ight.
by Frank Sinatra Jr. July 05, 2018
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A Mom who is highly protective of her children and would stop at nothing to make sure they are cared for.
I feel like my kids would be safe with her, she seems like a Bear Mom.

I'm glad theirs a Bear Mom working at my sons daycare.

Fuck with my kids and you're going to see what a Bear Mom looks like.
by MRS.MESEEKS January 15, 2019
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