Describes a Japanese car that has been tricked out by a Hispanic.
Yeah I saw Pedro's Civic; totally "Beans and Rice".
by Matt-Hawk July 24, 2008
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When a morbidly obese latina woman force-feeds her man to make sure that there is no way on this God-given Earth that he will leave her
Me: Woah! Vanessa and Michael are still together? He's was way out of her league!
Friend: Oh yeah didn't you hear? She beans and riced him and now they're practically the same size! He's stuck for life!
by GiraffeAlina February 11, 2017
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only the best meal from down da bayou, it includes red kindey beans and rice most of the time accompinied by smoked or hot sausage.
I'm going to maw-maws today, she's cooking some red beans and rice with smoked sausage.
by T-Lee May 25, 2008
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noun - A phrase for low quality Mexican Colleges. Play off words on Rice University.
You see that poor kid over there? His parents are sending him off to Bean and Rice University.
by Craksmokkka69 January 18, 2023
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Sex move to derive fetishistic pleasure. During coitus, woman kicks man as hard as she can in the kidneys, during his ejaculation. Male then proceeds to pull out, and releases spray of cum and blood on females face. Female then proceeds to lap up the blood and cum mixture.
Dude 1: Why do you keep clutching your side, bro?
Dude 2: You should have been there man, Susan made me give her a Red Beans and Rice last night.
by ILICKDUCKS June 5, 2015
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A phrase only legends say when there kinda chill about a situation and want to move forward , it’s like a calm way of saying yup that’s cool let’s move on
Molly : can I have an autograph I want to be like you when I’m older

Tilly: yeah sure peasant cool beans hot rice

Molly: do you wanna grab lunch

Tilly: yeah sure cool beans hot rice

Molly : did you steal my mums wedding dress
Tilly : yeah yeah cool beans hot rice
by Yllit April 6, 2020
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