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1. Any cake, sweet or savoury, that counts beans among its chief distinguishing ingredients.

2. An individual, usually of short to medium height, burly build and unhealthy appearance, who bears some resemblance to a bean, and who in many cases has only the attractiveness and athletic ability of one. (Cf. Beefcake- an athletic, muscular person.)

3. (In science fiction) The largest and most powerful caste of Beanoid, a race of giant sentient bipedal extraterrestrial bean beings. Beancakes almost invariably occupy the upper echelons of Beanoid military hierarchy and are second only to Beanmasters in the level of authority they hold within Beanoid society.
Finding that the Cantonese-style red beancake was much to his liking, Jason ordered several more for the road

Tom, with his short stature, flabby build and unlovely appearance bore all the trademark characteristics of a beancake- an unfortunate fact which coupled with the starkly contrasting elegance and refinement of his associates meant he was often quickly dismissed as a possible partner by the women he would meet out on the town

The biggest and most aggressive form of Beanoid, Beancakes can be distinguished from others of their species not only by their imposing physique and strength, but also the excessively impressive weapons they heft and the indecorous kill-trophies with which they commonly festoon their armour
by Charlemagne1993 October 04, 2017
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