When you find urself in a hot tub you press ur anal cavity against the hot jet. Whilst u cum u let the bubbles blow you up till you are so bulbous you need to explode all over Lenka’s face!!!
Last night I tried to cum but while I bean souped Lenka made that yuck face!!
by Kills kee January 20, 2020
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Flicking the bean until she comes in a large soupy mess.
We are headed home to make dinner.
What's for dinner?

Bean soup... If ya know what I mean.
by short4sammich February 2, 2015
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Coach can’t go to bed before he’s had his bowl of white bean soup.
by Pp check November 10, 2020
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Defined as the act of a bunch of pissed off sailors sent to wash dishes down at scullery in the galley made a special soup by ejaculating together in a soup pot. the key ingredients are sea men, cream of some young guy, BEANERS, and various spices. usually served on the mess decks this soup has feed the crew for years.
todays special is Navy bean soup prepared by the crew.
by hoofhearted March 7, 2012
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Is defined as a bunch of niggas with wack ass domes in a group close or together.
That pool over there is bean soup, it’s fuckin wack
by Pizzaeater69 December 6, 2019
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A can of bean soup is something that is very lovely and lonley,,, its also liquidy. I guess, LMAO
I love to drink a can of bean soup when its pouring outside
by Noodle allie February 8, 2021
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