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For a gentleman to insert his testicles into his lover’s vagina, or anus.

TECHNIQUE: First, always ensure that the vagina or anus in question has been suitably warmed-up, or at the very least politely warned. Next, apply lubricant to the penis and testicles, and if necessary the relevant entry point. Slowly insert the penis, pausing about two inches before the normal point of full insertion. Now, take the lubricated testicles in one hand, squeeze them together and upward against the shaft of the penis as firmly as you can without causing too much discomfort, and with a controlled shunt, push your testicles in along with the penis. Once fully inserted, you will need to use your body weight and/or a firm but gentle pressure to keep everything in place. Normal penetrative strokes will displace the testicles so simply grind and pulse inside your partner.

NOTE: You should take care when removing the testicles from even the most extensively prepped anus as it will sometimes have contracted around the base of the penis and vas deferens after long periods without penetrative motion keeping the sphincter loose. If this happens, insert a generously lubricated finger and circle the opening applying a gentle outward pressure whilst very gradually and carefully pulling backwards from the hips. You can also ask your partner to push very slightly from inside, but they must take care to not accidentally defecate.
Lee: “I really hate it when you hear guys bragging that they went “balls deep” with some girl. I just don’t have anything in common with guys like that.”

Mike: "Me either! Balls deep is for pussies – real men go balls in.”

Lee: “What?!”

Mike: “Yeah man, the ladies love a good bean bunging.”

Lee: “I think we should stop spending time together”
by Alexander De Barrington April 09, 2014
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