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- Home of the bears (Lady and Joy)
- Oldest university of Texas (est. in 1845)
- located in the 19th poorest city
- Home of the NCAA Champs womens basketball team
- BU 35 vs. A&M 34 (OT) in football
- girls out number guys 60% to 40%
- we suck at football but we know how to party
- SSSS to UT, TTU, and A&M
- only private university in the BIG 12
- we have 2 Olympians
- Michael Johnson (one of the fastest men in the world) is an alumni
- no such thing as Coke or Pepsi on campus
- freshman (the Baylor Line) run onto the football field before every home game
- we have the largest independent stage production, put on by the students---SING!
Aaaaaaahhhhhh...Sic'em Bears
by baylorchica July 19, 2005
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Founded in 1845, it is the oldest university in Texas still operating under its original name, the oldest in Texas is Southwestern. Founded on Southern Baptist ideals, it has developed into a Doctoral granting institution consistently ranked as one of America's top 100 universities.It is one of the last institutions of Higher Learning in the World that still holds that both Faith and Knowledge can go hand in hand.
There are many sons and daughters of the wealthy, but Baylor's generosity in financial aid has balanced the student population into a more diverse institution economically and racially. Recently, Baylor has gone through a period of rapid expansion and is making great strides to become a Tier 1 University. It hat also managed to have great success with athletics (barring Football). All of this without compromising the core integrity if its Christian values.
Many argue that Waco is the worst college town in the Big 12 conference, and there is more to substantiate that than not. However, many students who attend Baylor choose to define themselves and their college experience as greater than a drunken stooper. I personally have seen the Baylor students take the initiative to help and love the Waco population more so than I have seen anywhere else.
So, if you define yourself as a Temperate, loving person who would rather take a weekend to take care of the poor rather than get wasted at a party, then come to Baylor.
Description of weekends
Texas A&M student:drunk as hell "...and then I poked the cow with my finger and it FELL OVER it was AMAZING! Let's have sex!"
UT Austin student:obviously suffering from an inferiority complex " out football team was like BOOM, and then out baskeball team was like bam, and I was like 'Yeah, that's right we're TEXAS' cus' I go to F&%#ING UT BABY!"
Texas Tech student: "oh s&%$... remeber that janitor I though was cute...I think he gave me herpies"
Baylor University student: "um...I spent saturday at a homeless shelter and then had some drinks with some friends that evening...then I went to church and studied on sunday..."
by Tyler Barnes June 18, 2008
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Oldest institution of higher education in Texas. Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas. More hot chicks per-capita than any other university in the state.

(Apparantly Baylor is the Alma Mater of That Super Guy's boss which would explain his ridiuclous rant)
That Super Guy: If I hadn't been such a screw-up in High School, I might have gone to Baylor University and earned a decent living.
by BaylorDan July 10, 2006
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I live by homeless vagrants, whom I turn my nose up to. I look just like everyone else at my school. The NoZe Brothers are the coolest thing since khakis and sandals. I have a leather Abercrombie and Fitch Bible cover. I have an Abercrombie and Fitch everything. I can coordinate outfits and ensembles better than anyone in my upscale apartment complex. I have a radar that lets me know where the closest ATM is. If I can't find one it's okay. I have ten credit cards all of which are billed to my parents. My town is so conservative that anyone who kisses on the mouth before three years of marriage is drug through the center of town, stoned, and hung to death. I like me. I should be an underwear model. I worked my butt off in high school to get in here and am fully paying for my expensive education with scholarships, or else my Mommy and Daddy went here and they're paying for it all and I only got in because they both made some calls. We're the oldest institution of higher learning in the state, yet we've always sucked at football. Its ok, we're just paying our way to be in the Big 12. The only teams that win anything are the baseball team and women's basketball but even that's a little too dyke-ish for the rest of the Baptist General Convention. We tell our parents we go to church on Sunday mornings, but really we all get up, get dressed and go to IHOP. Our veins are pumped of Dr. Pepper and we're always wearing a school shirt that some frat or club or dance or 11 o'clock MWF class made. And mandatory Chapel? What is this, communism? It's ok though I guess; I only came here to find a spouse; however it's harder than I thought with the visitation hours being 1 pm to 6 pm every day, so I just date one hall at a time. I go to Baylor, where a silver Accord is actually considered the nicest car driven by a faculty member and the ghetto-est car driven by a student. I am a Bear.
I wanted to be a frat star so I joined Baylor University.
by BaylorGuy January 30, 2008
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Best school in the Big XII and maybe best in the nation.

Baylor fans are true sports fans! Even though Baylor is not the best in all sports, its fans still are faithful and never give up. Besides that, Baylor is second in most Big XII titles.

Baylor has the most beautiful campus in all of Texas. The Baylor Science Building(BSB), Patt Neff, and the Student Life Center(SLC), even add to the beauty. The SLC also holds the tallest rock wall in all of Texas.

Unlike Texas and Texas A&M, Baylor is working to be Ivy League-like and one of the top research schools in the nation by 2012.

Baylor's acceptance rate in 2009 - 34%. Texas - 51%.

Also home to that Good Ol' Baylor Line.

Also, Baylor in the early 1930's killed an aggie during a fight during homecoming. The Baylor student beat the aggie with a fence post in the most christian way possible until the aggie died. What a glorious day in Baylor history.

Baylor actually has an intimadating mascot. Unlike Texas, TTU, Oklahoma, and A&M.

Alumni - Jeff Dunham, 3 governors of Texas, Michael Johnson, the director who directed The Blind Side, Willie Nelson, and a girl off the office.
Person: Mom. Dad. Im a Texas A&M aggie.


Person: Just kidding! Im going to BAYLOR UNIVERSITY!

Mom & Dad: We raised you well!
by SICEMBEARS November 23, 2009
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The worst possible university you could ever dream of attending. The average student is an absolute tool of below average intelligence, if you don't believe this look at some of the spelling errors in the descriptions written by the students themselves. Baylor boasts low acceptance rates, wanna know why? Because they send out applications to every single student in the entire world and to apply you basically just write your name down, it's called the snap app. Although they have all the capacity for great traditions, the students are too disrespectful and arrogant to respect them. Case in point, the eternal flame, which is meant to honor the immortal ten, a group of baylor athletes who were killed by a bus about seventy years ago. During this "tradition" students managed to hospitalize a cop and two of their fellow students, talk about respect for the dead. Baylor is actually proud to host "Sing" which is basically a demonstration of how big of a nancy every single baylor male is. Seriously, the thing is like broadway. The only thing gayer than broadway is two dudes fucking. The university is a palatial bubble surrounded by utter poverty, to which the baylor community turns up its nose. Oh yeah, you have to go to chapel, too, but don't expect any credit hours. Attending this university is like going to a daily douchebag conference. Think of the lamest kid you know, that kid would be popular at baylor.
baylor university: where the girls are girls and the boys are too!
by Duanes December 09, 2009
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the red headed step child to other good texas universities such as the university of texas and texas a&m. baptists control the town which leads to no fun and every food option is either deep fried or barbequed. if baylor was in a lot better of a location except crazy baylor, it wouldn't be a bad school, but baylor owns baptist extreme christians and those people own waco. all local politics are baylor-centric. if baylor got the hell out of the "utopia" mindframe it could shape up to be a good college down after some major facelifts, but i think baylor is doomed to the same boring stuff and boring town. only go there if you must!
wow that baylor university party really sucked, who woulda thought that the punch wouldn't have a kick to it and bible study would break out?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

i think i'll just drive an hour to UT and party there!
by thatsuperguy July 03, 2006
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