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Batesville is a small city of about 6-8 thousand residents. It was founded in the mid 1800's by George Dunn and Joshua Bates who is believed to be the origin of the name. Batesville is geographically noted for being about half way between Cincinnati OH, Indianapolis IN, and Louisville KY. Batesville is known for having one of the largest casket making companies in the world, Batesville Casket, it has also for decades housed the headquarters for Hill-Rom. Batesville was built near forests of Locust Trees which are known for their durable, hard, non-rotting wood. Batesville is known for having a close knit community. The crime rate is a very small percentage thanks to the community work done by the local churches and residents. Batesville is a Catholic city with a Baptist church, a couple Luthern, a couple non-denominational Christian, a Methodist, and a few other little churches. Life in Batesville is nice it's not touristy but if you like small city's you'll love Batesville. With several city parks a library a public pool a YMCA, restaurants in many places, an award winning Highschool for academics how could you not? It's a nice calm place to settle down.
I think that Hill-Rom hospital bed was made in Batesville!
by Dracoe January 29, 2012
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A play off of the movie Pyscho, Bates Motel. A town where dreams go to die. A sink hole in which every resident either wants to get out, or is bat shit crazy.
I gotta bail on this town man, it's a batesville.
by David Bedlam July 02, 2008
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A small, horrible, heroin ridden town full of imcompetent, conceited, drug addicted idiots who often make fun of other towns(Greensburg) to make them feel better about themselves. But in all actuality there is not a single person in the whole town of Batesville who is not a heroin addicted whore. The town matches its people(trashy). They have tried and failed several times to make Batesville a nicer town(making a sign blocking the entrance of Liberty Park that says, "Welcome"). but nothing will ever work:)
Drug Dealer#1: We better get out of the country that girl we sold to died!!
Dug Dealer#2: Yeah we better pack up and get of Batesville!!!


Mom: Do you want to go to Skyline?
Daughter: i would but its in Batesville!
by GreensburgBitches! December 18, 2011
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