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When masturbating in a common room when other people are at home, you have a backup tv channel ready to quickly switch to in the event that someone walks in.
Oh man my roommate almost caught me spankin it last night, but luckily I had a blanket on so i just pulled the old bate and switch and he thought i was just watching sports
by the Bizz24 May 16, 2011
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A strategy of pleasuring oneself wherein, when the brachioradialis muscle of one's dominant arm begins to tire, one seamlessly switches to the less dominant hand in such a way that the "flow" is not broken.

Also referred to as the Swap 'n' Pop or the Winded Bat Boy.
Cody wanted to do more than rub out an easy one, but he knew that he was out of shape and would have to pull a 'bate and switch, yo.
by HolyMackerel May 12, 2009
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When a female does certain things sexually, so a guy will like her, then after they start dating, she doesn't do it anymore.
Lisa : "Karen told me she gives Carl head all the time so he will like her, but she stopped after they started dating"

Jamal: "Man, talk about a Bate and Switch "
by MC TACO January 30, 2011
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When the cover of a porn video is misleading or intentionally lies about what is actually in the video.
Mike: Dammit, I fell victim to another bate and switch last night.
Ike: What's that?
Mike: When the porn video doesn't match what is advertised on the cover. You know, like when the hot blonde with triple Es on the cover isn't in the movie.
When the movie advertises twins, but they appear in separate scenes. They say there is a Bukkake scene, but it is only a threesome. Promise double anal, but its only two guys taking turns. You think you're getting hot fresh teens but they have saggy boobs and c-section scars.
Ike: Yeah, dude, it is a cruel world out there.
by Doc Irysch December 23, 2009
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