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Pronounced: Bass·ee,
1. The act of feeling hostility or animosity toward other people's belongings, achievements or appearance.
2. Act detesting or 'hating' on people.
2. Feeling dislike or distaste for everything concerning the target individual's life .

v. intr.
To feel hatred.

1. Intense animosity or jealousy; hatred.
2. An object of detestation or hatred.

Middle Arabic Bass'an, from Old Hebrew Bas'aa. N., Middle Semetic, from Old Arabic Basaan.
1. Why's dude being so bassey? He knows I like her.

2. That's a real bassey move homie, watch yourself!

3. Bassiness is a female trait, so am happy for you even though the feelings' not mutual.
by Mertash February 20, 2008
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