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A Base Jumper Is An Affectionate Term Used For A Girl Who Sucks Cock All The Way To The Base...... This Term Is Only Used For Girls Who Have Talent & Technique..... No Hen Pecking Here........ Maximum Points Are Awarded For Not Gagging & Also The Rate Of Speed The Base Jump Is Performed At.
Look At Those Two Over There...... You Know The Blonde One On The Left Is A Fireman" (Only Into Helmet)..... Yeah But Dont Worry Man, I Know That Brunette On The Right, & She's A Champion "Base Jumper" Bruv
by Thugz Cuny December 06, 2010
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A B.A.S.E. Jumper is a person that has received sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to allow them to complete each jump, at a graded site within their level of ability, free of injury and damage to equipment and/or property.
The basejumper displayed excellent canopy control skills to land with pin point accuracy.
by Ken Miller December 25, 2004
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noun. a person in a relationship that jumps to the next base on every encounter with their partner.

i.e. if the couple only meets up once a week, first week includes making out, next week is hand job, week after is oral, and week after that is home base.

-usually most common in relationships were one does not see another for long periods of time
She got dumped again? Mann, the only way you can keep those kind of relationships going is if you're a base jumper.

What??! Already??
Sorry, I'm kind of a base jumper.
by crackkbaby March 12, 2008
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A variation on the classic Eiffel Tower. Two normal-sized men set up a Mexican Barbeque on a woman, and join hands. A midget with a kiddie-sized BASE jumping gear is hanging from the waist of the woman, and is fucking her vagina. When the midget cums, he releases his grip on the woman, falling to the ground like a base jumper.
Did you know that Wee-Man's last role in a film was as a base jumper?
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
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