Barrack is a democrat and has a good chance to be the first black man to ever be president.

Unfortunately, because he is black, he get pumelled by the media for the dumbest shit.
"HOMG, did you hear that Barrack went to a madrassa when he was a little kid? TERRORIST. CALL THE MARINES."

"Oh noes, Barrack Obama's white southern mom's great great great great grandfather owned a slave! OH MY GOD HOW."

"What a horrible man. He just paid his college parking tickets now. What has life come to?"
by Sereth March 16, 2007
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A enemy of The United States of America.

A secret muslim who has mad it seem like he has converted to christianity in order to infiltrate the united states government.

A guy with many ties to terrorist supporters.
A guy with an all arabic name.
A guy who's middle name is Hussein.

A guy who attends a racist church who's own pastor is a extreme racist and blasphemes or takes the name of the lord thy god in vain during one of his own sermons in which he is cursing the United States of America by saying "God damn america".

a guy who has lived most of his life outside of the U.S.A. but was born in Hawaii
Barrack Obama claims he isnt racist but you can only be a member of his church if you are black.

by the patriot March 16, 2008
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The 44th president of the United States of America. Commonly thought to be the first "black" president of America- which is only half true. He is actually not black but half black. He IS, however, the first American president of African descent.

He was elected November 4th 2008 to the position of president and will be sworn in on January 20th 2009 assuming he is alive at that time.

He ran on a similar platform to John F. Kennedy- a platform of change. He is also similar to Kennedy in that he has been attacked on his associations with some rather bad individuals (the Kennedy family has mob connections).
Barrack Obama beat John McCain and I'm really freakin' happy about it!
by UrbanDickhead November 05, 2008
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obama or nobama wich ever u please but this african american is running for president of the united states.By my standards he does indeed have good intentions for this country he's planning on.

-Changing our fuel source so we are not so dependent on the middle east
-he is planning on takeing our troops out of iraq
-and many other things

also but this is mostlikely a rumor
-planning on making weed legal and lowering the drinking age

so he's got my vote

however people dont necessarily ike him because they say he is muslim but he's not he is christian he admits it and so does mccain he is mixed his father is black i think and his mom is white i think
"hey did u hear barrack obama is going to make pot legal" stoner 1

"awesome"stoner 2
by Brandon R the stoner October 24, 2008
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