Very mean when you meet her but actually super nice when you get to know her. Shes really funny and amazing person.
Barong is such a crack head
Barong stopppppppp
by TacoSchnapp121 June 22, 2020
Hard to talk to. Has hearing problems and money oriented.
That guy is such a Barong. So hard to talk to.
by Ashiap November 21, 2019
A beautiful girl who honestly dosent know her worth . She can be shy and timid but has a very big personality when she gets use to you. a lot of boys are attracted to her but she necessarily dosent want any of them in fact at the rate she rejects people you’d think she was gay . She’s hot tho
Barong is so hot bro
Barong left me on delivered

I know Barong she’s okay I guess

I’d let Barong can rail me any day
by Markrobinsonstemos456 July 27, 2021
A person that has hearing problems. Hard to talk to and also money oriented.
That guy is barong.He only wants money.
by Ashiap November 21, 2019
That boys wearin a barong
by DA BOY J MAC April 28, 2003