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COCKNEY - trouble; part of the so-callen "rhyming slang" from London. Often the second, rhyming part is left off to confuse outsiders even more.
Ohh, we're in barney rubble now.

or (more commonly)

Now we're really in barney.
by MikeyC January 20, 2004
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Stop muckin' about or theres gonna be barney.

He got into some barney last night.
by Karan "Pin" Saroj December 09, 2004
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A metaphor for crack, (cocaine) birthed on the inner-city streets of Tacoma, WA during the rise and fall of the grunge and hip-hop eras in the early 1990s. Made popular in early 2005 by Seattle-based emo-rap group the Sensitivity Boosters, by their hit single "Barney Rubble."
"Barney Rubble: A metaphor for crack / Put it in your pipe, grrl, don't ever get wack."
by Dennis A. December 28, 2005
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A moving Chinese Firedrill. Can be done when three passengers and one driver or all passengers including the driver get out of the vehicle at low speeds and run in front of, and around the car usually at 10-15 mph and climb back into the car. Supper fun!
We did a Barney Rubble before we came to the game tonight. Ben got clipped by the door when he got out, and almost didn't make it.
by Amle Lanchre December 02, 2009
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