The Barletta effect is when someone drinking from a plastic 2 liter bottle of soda puts their whole mouth over the top of the bottle and they just suck in the liquid so the bottle is overwhelmingly dented. Then they put the cap back on and put it in the refrigerator with the dents still existing.
Omfg Dan, stop smushing my Sprite bottle, nobody likes a Barletta
by Brian Ferratto August 10, 2006
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A marshmellow, a really soft person.
dude 1: "Hey look, that guy is chucking a barletta"
guy: *gets poked in the gut and falls to the ground*
dude 2: "What a Effin idiot"
by Josh44566 March 9, 2008
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A short, hairy, foul odor creature. Typically known form defecating ones said underpants do to irritable bowel syndrome
I was a steve barletta today, almost made me throw up
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The freshest rap group of the universe.You can see them at the polar circe or in pluton.dothatshit

Bitches:-oh ,it's freezin' cold,certainly there is Sauce in Barletta here!
by Sauce in B December 14, 2018
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The freshest rap groups.They are not visible,less then you go to the polar circle .Their shit is the fucking best
A normale people:oh it's freezin' cold,probably we are near sauce in barletta
by Sauce in B December 13, 2018
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