The art of having one's coffee made for them.
Kazuo had his coffee baristed and liked it.
by Margaret Malala October 30, 2016
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A male who works in a coffee shop. Male equivalent of Barista. They often seem to overcompensate by being overly friendly and acting like they are a personal friend of yours by referring to you as "dude" or "bro."
I went to the coffee shop to try to hit on that hot barista, but there was some barist-bro working instead! I just got cock-blocked by Starbucks!
by ZoSAndrew January 28, 2011
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People who shame barbells for how long they are, how much they can hold, what they can do
Damn man, That guy has been complaining his barbell is only 6 feet long, I think he's kinda barist
by AssSnorkler May 7, 2021
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A person who masturbates into your coffee when you ask for cream.
I hate my job, so to entertain myself I play Hungarian bariste
by cjsals October 31, 2017
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