When a face is totally natural and bare of makeup.
Yikes! I can't believe you went to the party barefaced.
by Mommymilkers July 23, 2019
Noun. A person who refuses to wear a simple face covering in a global pandemic claiming it is a matter of right, versus the right thing to do. Derogatory in tone.
That barefacer is showing he's a covidiot.
by NCwriter May 23, 2020
Somebody who refuses to wear a mask without a legitimate reason not to.
He came into my shop without a mask, so I turned that bareface away.
by Playahuasca July 22, 2020
A person who pretends to have an illness or disability so they don't have to wear a mask.
She was making it up to get out of wearing a mask, the barefaced liar!
by Playahuasca July 22, 2020
Going out and about doing your own thing without the use of a surgical mask.
"Going to the shop"
"You ain't going barefaced"
"F U & the government imma do ma thing"
by anon.gcfgv755r April 22, 2020