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It is a girl name that originates from the cartoon character Big Barda, Barda is a very unique name and very few are called by it, but the people who go by the name Barda, are strong women, they are outgoing, go getters, like the character Big Barda, they dont let anyone bring them down, they fight for their right, and are often very attractive to the opposite sex, their charisma lights up a room. They are a godesses in a human body. If you ever meet a person called Barda talk to her, and you will notice that that person has travelled much and experienced much, knows many languages and are very openminded. If you ever meet upon someone called Barda FEEL LUCKY, AS IT IS THE MOST UNIQUE NAME IN THE WORLD BUT ALSO PEOPLE WHO GO BY IT ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL PEOPLE.
I met a girl named Barda, she was beyond this world, she had the looks of Aphrodite, and the courage of Athena, but the communication skills of Oprah.

Whaaa? U should feel lucky, meeting a girl named Barda is luck in itself.
by blopeza October 27, 2010
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