(n) The name of a guild in "World of Warcraft" on the server "Burning Blade" whose guild names was deemed inappropriate by the servers Game Masters and they were forced to change it, causing much "drama" on the server forums.
Ally #1: Who are Bangorang?
Ally #2: Ya know...those nooby fags who got owned by the wow GMs and had to change their name?
Ally #1: Oh yea..those bitches got owned LOL
by Eyereportedbangorang September 01, 2007
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when you hide your friends in your closet, then later when you are doin' a girl you yell BANG O RANG and they all jump out and hit her with wooden spoons
:dude that bang o rang last night was awsome
:yeah man, she didnt even know what hit her
by emilybeth! May 16, 2006
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When a guy takes a halved orange and juices them on a girl's perky tatas which are abundantly fripply (see fripple's first entry), collecting the orange juice in a beer bong which then the guy must drink to complete the bangorang.
by Titzy June 28, 2007
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