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Seeming to only have a sexual attraction to a member in a band you love, and no one you encounter in your daily life.
Guy: I like you.
Girl: Sorry, I'm bandsexual.
by Mmmwhatchasay April 08, 2012
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Attraction to anyone in a band, such as the guitarist, drumer, or singer (or any other member of the band/group).
Omg. See the lead singer in this band! He is the exact reason im bandsexual! Hes soooo freaken hot!
by Lolethaangel April 28, 2015
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The sexual affiliation of members in a marching band whom ACT homosexual, but the person whom is bandsexual would never have the intent of doing anything sexual with another person of the same sex. Bandsexuality is usually affiliated with the tuba and drumline sections in marching bands; particularly marching bands in the Midwest United States, especially in Ohio. (NOTE: Persons whom are classified as bandsexual usually have a boy/girlfriend and have most likely had sex with the opposite gender.)
by ohioan tuba January 24, 2007
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Bandsexual Is Only Liking Guys That Are In A Band Or That Like Bands :D
Jen: Do U Like Justin Beiber
Becca: Nawl, Im Bandsexual. Im More Of A 1D Gurll
by Duck My Sick February 01, 2014
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a male or female who instead of using sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction uses the saxophone to reach happiness or climax.
Yanni sat in the back of the band room and inserted her saxophone inside of her and found God.
by Nicki December 02, 2004
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