1. Creativity making money during a pandemic

2. The pandemic never stopped your income
Turn the Pandemic into a Bandemic. There’s a 101 hustles. Get you one.
by @Ayyo_tiki September 27, 2020
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“An epidemic of hustlin

& gettin bands around this mf by ANY means

during a worldwide pandemic;

stackin not starvin.”
The 2020 Bandemic brought out all of the hustlers, scammers and entrepreneurs.
by ForevaTwenty September 29, 2020
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A nickname for the period in the first year or 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic where a lot of people who were laid off of their jobs were still stacking up money by getting stimulus checks, tax refunds, and money from the popular PPP loan scam at the time.
It’s a bandemic man…everybody up right now
by devinhaunted March 8, 2023
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When a band starts playing shows too early during the pandemic and everyone in the band and audience gets COVID.
Richard gave everyone in the band COVID and started a bandemic! Hope you weren’t at the show or you’re fucked man, everyone in the audience got it!
by #stayholm September 1, 2020
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the period of time in which smart capitalist individuals made/continue to accumulate wealth from side hustles and businesses
Nah bro we not in a pandemic we in a bandemic. I resold flint 13s for 300 on release day in that bandemic.
by brownboysoles December 22, 2020
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