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Bandalism ban-dəl-i-zəm n .: the willful or malicious destruction of, or damage to, the fabric of a rock/pop/indie group brought about by one or more of its members
When Dave kicked in the amps, threw his bass at the manager, set the drummer on fire, and ran away crying, although funny, was an extreme act of bandalism.
by Johnny Wells November 18, 2008
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Punk movement influenced by an array of legendary rock bands
Bandalism is in your blood if you are into legendary rock bands
by Bandalist June 10, 2015
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bandalism, n., destruction of a hotel room or arena by a rock band and/or its audience.
The fans at the concert engaged in serious bandalism by tearing out the seats at the stadium.
by Momus the Sarcastic August 14, 2009
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