Anytime "band nerds" or "band geeks", congregate somewhere to chill, hang out, and prove that, of course, it's only the people who aren't in band that aren't cool.
1) They had a band party that weekend, following the big game.
by killerfiller February 26, 2006
1)A college marching band party, usually held the night before a football game, where members drink lots of keg beer (or a special mixed drink concocted by some section of the band), sing sailor songs, participate in drinking games and have sex/ orgies.

2) A party during college basketball march madness where one school's pep band invites another school's pep band/ mascot/ cheeleaders over to a house or hotel room in an effort to get them wasted and sleep with them.
"Last night he got wasted and slept with that slutty flagline girl at the band party."
by *frank* June 5, 2006
A joint birthday party between Mana and me (Chris) that includes only people in the school band.
I postponed the band party twice.
Both times, the sole reason was so that Hannah Lynch could make it to the party.
by Chris Pierce April 17, 2005